The Arcadian Wild – III. Fall: War

The Arcadian Wild – III. Fall: War (Official Music Video)

• Director/Editor/Colorist: Greyson Welch
• Director of Photography: Sean Patrick Kirby
• Producer: McClain McKinney
• Actor: Deric Augustine

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I heard a second voice
It hissed another choice and woke my lust

The first step of my descent

I lost my innocence, misplaced my trust

We were deceived
We sank our teeth into a lie

How could we count the cost?
We sold ourselves and what we bought wasn’t worth the price

You gave me all your love

I thought there was more

Chaos, she politely knocked
So I opened the door

I saw my naked form
In a moment shame was born; I hid my face

You came back down to earth
And found I had cursed the world you made

You gave me all your love, but I love making war
Chaos, she politely knocked, so I opened the door

I looked from left to right for somebody to blame
I believed a viper and grew a pair of fangs

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