K-Anthony – I’m Alive


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I’m Alive

First thing, in the morning
I give thanks for another day
I smile, though I don’t have no money
I won’t let that phase me
Cause I. . .. i. . i i I’m so grateful
For Li ..i ife . ..and another chance

I’m going to go through my day with a beautiful smile
Even when things ain’t going my way
I’m thankful for the gift of life
Going to share that smile
It will never ever fade away

I’m Alive
In spite of all my struggles
I’m Alive
Won’t be drowned by my sorrows
I’m Alive . . .yeah
Going to live like there’s no tomorrow
Cause today is all I have

Verse 2

Work hard, every day
For me and my family
It’s rough, but I gotta make it
Right now can’t hesitate
Myyyy yy time will come
And Iiiii’ll I’ll be a better man

#KAnthony #ImAlive



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